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"When you see so many kids wearing your jumper, it is very special and something that I love seeing," he said. Chris Scott matched up on Franklin when the current Geelong coach was playing with the Brisbane Lions, but he could not have predicted the player his former opponent went on to become. "I remember looking at him thinking 'this 17-year-old's going to be OK' as I looked up at him," he said. "'He moves OK, he kicks the ball pretty well' I had a bit of foresight back then." Scott said Franklin had become one of the game's biggest crowd-pullers. "He's been a star, if he's not the most damaging player in the comp when he's on, that only speaks to how good the other couple are," Scott said. "Even in the game at the weekend against the Bulldogs, he virtually took the game away from them at one stage, with his own boot." Scott said it was always difficult preparing for matches against Franklin. "It's almost impossible at times, but much harder to home loan for doctor Oak Laurel play against, so I'm not feeling sorry for myself as a coach," he said. Franklin created a stir at the end of the 2013 season when he left Hawthorn to sign an unprecedented nine-year deal with the Swans worth $10 million. The long-term investment has paid early dividends but is yet to produce a premiership, with the Swans losing grand finals in 2014 and 2016.

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